External Project Influencers

Navigating External Influences on Architectural Projects

At Studio Leith, we are often asked about the challenges and complexities we face when undertaking any construction project. One of the most critical elements that architects must manoeuvre around are the various external project influencers.

These starkly affect a project’s outcome and can pose potential obstacles if not appropriately managed. But fear not, as with every challenge provides an opportunity for a more exceptional result, and we are constantly co-creating with these influences to bring forth architectural excellence.

Local Councils play a critical Role in the commencement and execution of any Construction project.

They define the zoning and the planning controls that we must adhere to^1.

“Building relationships with the local council is often a significant part of our process, we are continually working to understand each unique set of local guidelines to ensure we fulfil both council and client requirements,” says Daniel Leith, principal architect at Studio Leith.

Private Certifiers and Their Impact

It’s not just the architectural firm and their clients involved in a project. We often align with private certifiers who hold the essential role of ensuring all building works comply with regulations and building code of Australia^2. They provide the final tick of approval before and during construction, ensuring the project comes to life in the safest, most compliant way possible.

Services Authorities: The Unseen Hand

Interfaces with services authorities that manage utilities such as electricity, gas, and water are critically influential.

These bodies control and monitor the supply and connections of these resources while outlining specific standards that must be followed^3. Their influence is quiet but impactful, shaping the final design’s practicality and functionality without any compromise on the aesthetic.

The Government: A Larger Influence

At the broader level, the state and federal government’s regulations, policies and grant programs can also influence the overall project direction, costs, and timelines^4.

“The entire NSW Planning Portal received an overhaul for the submissions of building developments. We at Studio Leith have experienced the upgrades and can accurately lodge all aspects of your project”

Environmental Considerations

We live in an era that demands responsibly-sourced design and construction, so we pay close attention to environmental considerations. This ranges from flora and fauna assessments, geotechnical surveys to bushfire assessments.

Studio Leith aims to create designs symbiotic and respectful to the environment, keeping our Aussie ecology intact.

Engineers and Surveyors: Foundational Influencers

No structure is built without the substantial influence of engineers and surveyors. They are foundational to ensuring that our designs are structurally sound, sustainable, and stand the test of time.

Architectural projects are not birthed in a vacuum; on the contrary, they are an intricate dance of collaboration, constraints and creativity, all overseen by diverse external influences. Understanding and working in rhythm with these influences weaves an architectural narrative that is compelling, compliant, and truly celebrates the spirit of contemporary Australian architecture.


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