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“Terrigal Residence”

A split level beauty! Sitting within the Terrigal “bowl” and with far reaching pacific ocean views, the planning layouts of primary areas needed an overhaul. Without too much manipulation of external envelope, this project involved dedicated additions and substructions within existing facades that brought light and the ocean into internal space.


Alterations and additions to existing 3 storey split level home

Dual storey in Central Coast, NSW, Australia
House Suburb: Terrigal

Builder: TBC

About this client’s build

Upon approach to the home the main entry is somewhat hidden which doesn’t do this home justice. A greater sense of entry was achieved through a new dedicated entry lobby that offered pass-through into existing corridor spaces.

Once through into living spaces, the outlook from the raised kitchen and lounge spaces needed to take precedence and resulted in a combined glazed façade and roof strategy to pick up new sightlines to the water. Planning recreations to lower and top floor spaces also worked to increase function and view accessibility.

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