Linking design and process.

Design Management

Builders need assurance that designs are resolved. Architects need assurance that key details will be realised. This is an important on-site relationship and one we pride ourselves on. Building is the endgame.

Whilst the management of designs is integral in-house for Studio Leith, featured here are external designs where we have been brought in to lead other design consultant teams in reaching issued for construction (IFC) documentation for our builder clientele.

Studio Leith oversee:

All external design consultants, authority applications, client stakeholders and in-house design management.

Large construction firms are successful in winning Design & Construct (D&C) contracts on a regular basis. These contracts will feature design documentation that has been tendered at a certain percentage of completion and with certain authority approvals already obtained, or still to be determined.

Studio Leith is engaged by the construction firm to compile a design team that will finalise the remaining construction documentation and approvals for building.

This process involves management of architecture and engineering, strategic programming, value engineering, safety in design and staged client endorsements. We have excelled in this space across a number of NSW Government Schools.

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