The nature of your building development.

Alterations & Additions

Got an existing house that simply doesn’t function in terms of size, inter-spatial connection and links to the Aussie outdoors? No-one usually knows where to start. Finding a balance between existing vernacular and modern evolution is a challenge we revel in as architects.

Sector Design Strategy:

Alterations & Additions design investigates existing construction intellect, activation of tired space, evolution of vernacular and wholistic functionality.

  • Assessment of existing structure
  • Acknowledgement of history
  • Appreciation of heritage / immediate environment
  • Understanding of existing accommodation
  • Application of spatial change
  • Introduction of increased function
  • Seamless transitions of materiality
  • Thoughtful re-use / re-purposing

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With experience spanning several areas and maintaining a drive to innovate, we’re the firm who will work to land projects as close to spec as is physically possible.

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