The nature of your building development.

Secondary Dwellings

Families grow and evolve and so can your property. There is an increasing need to work from the home office, keep the grandparents close or keep the teenagers separated. Why not maximise the profitability of your land, create the possibility of additional income and increase the accommodation options on-site. Even if the structure is prefabricated or modular and eventually moves on.

Sector Design Strategy:

Secondary Dwelling design introduces separate attached / detached residences, granny flats, studio / office spaces and temporary prefabricated or modular homes.

  • Assessment of existing accommodation
  • Analysis of site infrastructure
  • Awareness of authority code specifics
  • Spatial relationship of dwellings
  • Functional circulation review
  • Streamlining property vernacular
  • Site servicing overlays
  • Rental and re-sale overviews

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